PHP Javascript Datetime

Lets make it simple.

Have you somehow found yourself wondering what is the best way to store datetime on MySQL, and using it on PHP – JS?


Here what I prefer to do :

Rather than using formatted datetime and have to reformat when you encounter different format, I prefer using unix timestamp.

Javascript has capability to convert date to integer, which return in miliseconds since January 1st, 1970

var d = (new Date()).getTime();

PHP has capability to convert date to integer, which return in seconds since January 1st, 1970

$d = date(‘U’);

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Javascript UI Desktop-like Environment

Lately I am so interested on Desktop-like Interface which run inside browser, everything was done only using javascript, html and css, but user may have similar experience when they using native desktop.

Currently we had few great examples on the web that was developed by great people, they really inspired me to adopt this idea on my future app.In my first ranking I chosed which provided by ExtJS as one of their demos samples.

You may find the Demo here. it has great design and color, it was simplified from qwikioffice. Details »

Mercedes Benz W124


W124 from Wikipedia

Everything started when I stumbled an W124 article on carlustblog, it encourage me to track all the predecessors, and fell in love to them.

This particular model has no aging looks, eventhough its design already more than 2 decades. I believe people stil considered this car as modern rather than classic.

I considered that W124 is a role model for car nowadays, most of its standard feature is a requirement for present car, such as Airbag, Power Steering, ABS, Aerodynamics, etc…

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Mercedes Benz W123


W123 from Wikipedia

W123 (1976-1986) (Wikipedia) is a fascination cars, you can find many article regarding this best selling model.

It is a tribute to the car’s instant popularity – and possibly to the caution built into the production schedules – that nine months after its introduction, a black market had developed in Germany for Mercedes-Benz W123s available for immediate delivery. Customers willing to order new cars from their local authorized dealer for the recommended list price faced waiting times in excess of twelve months. (wikipedia)

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Mercedes Benz W114-W115

Since childhood I always admired Mercedes-Benz, here at indonesia this brand symbolize wealthiness.

but my eyes only stunned on its young classic cars, especially Compact Saloon type. which made me promised to myself that I am going to collect three series (W114, W123, W124) as soon as possible.

Here I  provide a wikipedia link which gave lots of information regarding each series and my own personal findings which gathered from various pages.

W114/W115 (1968-1976) Wikipedia

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Simple Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator Picture

Wanna play? click here.

Since Google Earth Plugin for browser is released, It encourage me to try develop a flight simulator similar with the one that available at Google Earth API Demo GalleryMini Flight Sim by James Stafford was so fun to play with, but it doesnt allow us to tilt the plane (gain altitude).

Unfortunately it was not so simple, the script is quite confusing due to lots of 3D mathematics.

Especially to create a camera that follow the plane, everything should be calculated on 3D, so it could be realistic.

Without further talk, here I present my Simple Flight Simulator.

The 3D plane model are using Sail Plane at LKKV Airport which modified.

it was not perfect yet, still need further enhancement, especially when plane kept roll on certain degrees, it has to fly in circle, but I have not found the solution yet. Anyone can help me?

Google Maps API

As a programmer point of view, I really respect what Google has done in past few years.

I was like a child that got an amazing and expensive toys for free, I play with it everyday and never get bored.

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You REAP what You SOW

Quote is something that people often heard, but we kept forgotting how important it was to our daily life.

I decide to post quotes in my blog, so it can remind me that we must value this life and other people.

You REAP what You SOW, therefore we need to consider any action that we are going to take, is it worthed the risk if we taking evil way?

A way to develop AJAX app with less effort on server side script

Developing an AJAX app is quiet challenging, because you need to develop using 2 different languages, which is JS for running on client side and any server side script for data storage.

After developing several AJAX App, I found a pattern and develop a generic solution that allowed me to less coding on server side script.

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Project Management Software

This time I would like to share what I have found after testing several project management software, which limited on open source software only.

My interest is on web base application written using PHP, which made only few are considered as an option from probably hundreds of groupware out there. Details »